Learn why you may be able to retire earlier than you think.
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Investment Management

At Bernicke Wealth Management, we believe that the success of one’s investment strategy is predicated on three variables: Research, Coordination, and Team.

Financial Research

Many investors rely on their financial advisors to conduct research, implement their strategy and monitor their investments. Unfortunately, financial advisors have to wear many hats, including handling client meetings, trading client accounts, and handling client phone calls. These various tasks can leave little time to do research. That is why Bernicke Wealth Management has an investment committee that includes our Chief Investment Officer, whose full-time job is to manage money.  

Our Chief Investment Officer has been uniquely educated in investment management and has obtained his CFP, CFA, and Master’s degree from Creighton University in Investment Management and Portfolio Analysis. We believe that strategies can be more effectively managed with a full-time person who has been educated explicitly in investment management versus a financial advisor attempting to perform research on a part-time basis.  

Our firm’s President, Ty Bernicke, is also on our investment committee. Mr. Bernicke’s research on investment strategies has been published in numerous national publications, including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch, and The Journal Of Financial Planning.

Client Coordination

In addition to placing a great deal of emphasis on research, Bernicke Wealth Management also gathers a comprehensive overview of each client’s financial situation that is updated at least annually. This broad overview includes performing a full net worth review for each client and capturing data on income, charitable goals, contributions, distributions, health insurance needs, and a variety of other information.
Only after understanding the entirety of one’s financial situation can one manage investments effectively. The ongoing communication that provides up-to-date comprehensive knowledge enables us to coordinate your investment strategy with the other moving parts related to your financial situation.

Team Approach

We believe proper investment management requires a team working collectively on behalf of each client. Expecting one person to be an expert on retirement planning, investment strategy, tax minimization, and estate planning is not a reasonable expectation. 

For this reason, Bernicke Wealth Management employs a team of financial experts who specialize in the different areas mentioned. The amount of knowledge available collectively from a group financial experts multiplies the benefit of each client’s experience.

If you are interested in seeing whether your current investment strategy is as effective as possible, you can get a quick second opinion by scheduling a free consultation with one of our financial advisors. 

Learn why you may be able to retire earlier than you think.
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