Frequently Asked Questions

eMoney FAQs

  • How do I link an outside account?

    On the home screen of your website, there is a box labeled “Accounts”. To add a new account, click the word “Add” to the right of the green addition sign. You will then need to enter the institution or website address of the financial institution in the search bar. If there are multiple results, click the link that is applicable to your account.

  • What does it mean when a yellow caution symbol is beside my account(s)?

    The caution symbol means that there is a broken connection. A broken connection can occur when eMoney and your financial institution are no longer communicating to update values. There are a few common reasons why a connection may break.

    • First, you may need to confirm your email or username and password with the particular financial institution that contains the broken link. This can be done by clicking on the account with the error and following the directions given by that institution in the yellow bar above the account with the broken connection. This will usually require you to re-enter your credentials (username/ID and password).
    • A second reason causing broken connections may be attributed to new pop-ups with the financial institution causing the connection break. To fix a broken connection due to new pop-ups, you will need to log in to the institution’s website directly and dismiss the pop-up blocking the connection.

    There will be a yellow caution sign by the account that has a broken connection that you can click on. This will give you more direction on what steps need to be followed to re-establish your link.

  • What is the website address to log in to eMoney?

    You can access eMoney here: 


    Client Login

  • Why are balances not automatically updating?

    Balances may not update if a connection is broken, as described previously. Additionally, accounts only update once per day regardless of the number of times during the day you log in.

  • Why can’t I find a specific institution when trying to link outside accounts?

    Due to the quickly evolving technology landscape not all financial institutions have been connected with eMoney at this time. We can submit a request for these financial institutions to connect with eMoney; however, there is not a definitive timeline on when the connection may be established. This could take days, weeks, or months depending on the technological capabilities of the institution.