Educational Wealth Management Workshops

We believe in superior service through education.

Looking to learn more about a particular financial topic? Bernicke Wealth Management offers live educational workshops around popular topics like Social Security, investment management, health insurance in retirement, estate planning, and more.

Below are topics that we cover throughout the year. Scheduled events are further down the page on the calendar.

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If you're interested in an event but it's not currently scheduled, you may request an invitation to be notified when the event details are confirmed.

[Workshop] Social Security Planning for Baby Boomers

Are you wondering if Social Security will be there for you when you retire? This workshop aims to help investors who are approaching retirement and are interested in learning more about the topic of maximizing their Social Security benefits.

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[Workshop] 9 Estate Planning Strategies

What happens to my property and belongings when I'm gone? How do I keep my kids from fighting over "stuff"? How will I protect my assets from being overtaxed? This workshop is designed to help you gain clarity on important issues related to estate planning. Our team will discuss strategies that may help protect your family from unnecessary estate costs and may help you prevent common estate planning mistakes. Adult family members are also invited and encouraged to attend.

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[Workshop] Health Insurance Strategies in Retirement

Did you know the present cost for health insurance for a married couple age 62 is approximately $33,000 / year prior to Medicare?1 This workshop is uniquely designed to educate you on strategies we believe may help you reduce that cost.

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1 Assuming a married couple age 62, in zip code 54701, with Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) of $65,841, according to Plan used is Security Health Plan Select $3,000 - 30%, Plan ID 38166WI0180017. As of 8/20/2019.