You Found that WHERE?!

Susan K. Severson | Posted: October 28, 2019

I’ve heard a number of funny, surprising, and interesting stories over the years about the various places executors, beneficiaries, and other individuals have found valuable items hidden for safekeeping by the original owner. Some of the more notable stories have included:

  • A birthstone and diamond ring found in the drawer of an antique sewing machine.
  • An envelope of cash found hidden in the decedent’s car.
  • Stock certificates found in cereal boxes.
  • A coin collection that was hidden in furnace duct work.

Most of us have also heard or read various stories about cash and valuables being found in pockets, the linings of coats, inside books, and in other random hiding places after items have been donated to places like Goodwill and The Salvation Army. Stories of cash and valuables being found hidden in the walls or floors of old homes, or buried out in a yard are also ones you may occasionally hear.

There are many reasons people choose to hide valuables during their lifetime. These reasons could include a general distrust of financial institutions, privacy concerns, and memory or cognitive issues. Friends and family may or may not be aware of these tendencies during an individual’s lifetime, discovering them only after the fact when helping to settle their estate or assist with a move to a care facility. Communication and patience with loved ones ahead of time may make a difference when it comes to avoiding some of the surprises we’ve heard about.

Whether or not you ultimately end up being the executor of an estate for a deceased family member or friend, I hope that being aware of some of these surprises can help you if you do find yourself in a position to be settling the affairs of a loved one.

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Susan K. Severson

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