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Individuals, business owners, businesses, and foundations interested in our services are required to attend a private group meeting or schedule an initial consultation before engaging our services. To gain access to either of these venues, interested individuals should first call 715-832-1173.

The initial consultation is an exploratory meeting to collect goals, financial information, and to decide whether we mutually would like to pursue additional planning opportunities. The wealth advisors and potential clients do not make any commitments without thoroughly discussing services, fees, and expectations at the initial consultation. Assuming there is a meeting of the minds, additional meetings are scheduled as needed.

Additional plan design meetings are used to identify an individual's financial strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Stress testing financial assets against one's goals, providing specific recommendations, and implementation of one's uniquely developed investment plan also occurs at these meetings. The number of additional meetings varies depending on the complexity of one's financial situation.

Once a client, ongoing communication continues. Our firm monitors client accounts and contacts clients as needed when opportunities are identified where action is needed. In addition, reviews are held with clients on a regular basis as scheduled and as one's financial situation changes. Out of appreciation to our existing clients, we only accept a limited number of new clients each year. Bernicke 4 Step Process

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